The legendary cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran has been instrumental in some of the greatest fights in MMA history. Stitch has been assigned to the likes of Forrest Griffin, Cain Velasquez and Lyoto Machida in the athletes’ most vulnerable moments. Considered to be one of the most valuable cutmen on the planet, elite fighters have been known to campaign for Stitch’s presence during title fights and pivotal battles.

World famous trainer Rudy Hernandez has been influential in the lives of countless professional fighters. Hernandez has fostered the success of many boxers and helped them to achieve the highest honors of the sport. His incredible boxing insight as a trainer has built superstars, and his skills as a cutman in the UFC have been instrumental in determining significant fights.



Celebrated cutman Leon Tabbs is known for his ability to get elite fighters out of tough situations. Recognized as a “miracle worker” by many of the fighters that he has worked with, Tabbs has the ability to aid fighters in overcoming injury and allowing them to persevere. Given his long track record in the UFC, Tabbs is considered a great asset to all athletes.

The multi-talented Don House is world renowned for his training insight and technical expertise. House boxed in the US Army, accumulating a record of 74 wins and just 3 losses with 40 knockouts. He used his degree in engineering and his fighting knowledge to develop and patent a revolutionary fight glove that is currently used by the UFC. As a cutman, House has worked with MMA legends such as Chuck Liddell, Georges St. Pierre and Rampage Jackson.